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redcpet2Welcome to the ACT website.

ACT (Association of Calicut University Teachers) is a professional association of Calicut University teachers, dedicated to the pursuit of quality education and research, while at the same time striving hard towards ensuring holistic welfare to the teaching fraternity. Over the years, the association has been able to provide the much needed professional unity, support and motivation to individual teachers. ACT stands by the teachers in their career advancement, in protecting and safeguarding their pay and service conditions and in ensuring a free and fair peaceful work culture. Alongside all this, ACT comes forward to be part of community outreach programmes as well.

In launching this web site ( our mission is to provide a network through which academics can share scholarship and information; strategies and practices related to our day-to-day existence and survival in the campus. We envision this website as a valuable resource for teachers of the university, other related professionals and general public. We are behind none in using emerging technologies to maintain effective lines of communication among teachers,  students, other related professionals and in short anyone who is interested in the wellbeing of this  oldest of universities in Kerala. Let us promise to ourselves that at all times we would unfailingly support the rights of the individuals to learn and grow as knowledgeable and effective members of our global community.

Now, being part of the digital age, we turn a new leaf in our march  forward and it would only be proper to go down memory lane to the day ACT was founded and its subsequent growth and development ever after. ACT had its proud beginnings in 1982, when a few committed teachers got together as pioneer members to get the association off the ground. Thus it had its magnificent start on  18th  March 1981 with Dr M.S.Menon as president and Dr E.P.Zainul Abidin as secretary. There was no turning back for ACT ever since. We grew rapidly to become a substantial union with 100 plus members today. We have strong links with and are well supported by the non teaching employees union and the students of the campus. ACT is always there as a strong force to voice the teachers' concerns and issues regarding the welfare of the University.

As of now, faced with an anti-teacher administration at the helm of the University, ACT feels that our responsibility to cleanse this University and straighten out things which have gone incredibly disappointing is all the more essential. We have plenty of work to do to restore a peaceful and harmonious campus. In this harrowing times we the members of ACT need to stick together and work as a unified force to fight injustice, malpractices and the undemocratic stance of those at the top. We cannot afford to remain passive onlookers. We must overcome the current inertia.

 So, friends, let us all be together in our way forward, one for all and   all for one!